“Die Biting The Throat” Stickers

You may have seen one of these stickers:

Actual Size 2.25x2.25 inches

Sticker FAQ

Q: Where did “Die Biting The Throat” come from?
A: It is the last line of the Gnoll Credo.

Q: What is the Gnoll Credo?
A: It is the gnolls’ description of how they survive in a world of humans who would gladly kill them all if they could. It’s also the title of the book I wrote about Gryka, the gnoll who gave the Credo to me.

Q: Where can I read the rest of the Credo?
A: You can read the first twenty pages for free, including the entire text of the Credo, here.
If you live in the USA, you can buy The Gnoll Credo from Amazon.com, B&N, or you can support independent publishing by buying a signed copy directly from 100 Watt Press. If you live elsewhere, don’t worry: go to my publisher’s page for a list of retailers that will ship to your country for free.

Q: Those stickers are great! Where can I get some?
A: Buy a copy of The Gnoll Credo, and visit the website mentioned in the back of the book. Make a polite request on the forums there, and I’ll tell you how to get some.