Reviews of The Gnoll Credo

An easy and fun read…difficult to put down…a great summer read that will leave you thinking.”
“Gryka, albeit not your typical protagonist, is beautiful, complex, violent, barbaric, and yet one of the most lovable and admirable characters that I have encountered.”
“More than just a realistic fantasy tale…a brilliant commentary…This book will make you think, question, think more, and question again.”
-Tahoe Mountain News (full review here)

“You must read this forthwith- it’s more life changing than Fight Club.
-Jamie Lewis, Chaos and Pain

     “Compare it to the great works of anthropologists Jane Goodall and Jared Diamond to see its true importance.”
     “Raw, powerful and brilliant. If you haven’t read it yet, take my advice. Get it! Now!”
     “A fantastic read…One of the most joyous books ever…So full of energy, vigor, and fun writing that I was completely lost in the entertainment of it all.”
     “Easy reading but intellectually provocative…A powerful and deep discussion of modern civilization and the nature of human life.”
     “Accessible and thoughtful…You won’t want to put it down until you’ve finished the whole story…Well done!”
     “Bold, fresh, and interesting…Recommended!”

     “Like an epiphany from a deep meditative experience. If you believe you’ve already learned life’s many lessons, I still recommend this one more.”
     “Nothing short of amazing…This book had a profound effect on me and how I look at the world.”
     “Funny, provocative, entertaining, fun, insightful…If we could all be just like gnolls. Plenty of laugh out loud moments combined with great commentary on the human condition.”
     “Very thought provoking and it inspired me to buy a crossbow.

     “Elegantly terse (like the speech of Gnolls themselves), this fast read packs more thought-provoking ideas and emotion-wrenching fun into its brief pages than many novels five times as long. Highly recommended.
     “Experience a full dose of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love in one night’s read.”
     “Insightful and surprisingly heartfelt…Made me laugh and cry. It hit home on so many levels and made me reevaluate my life and the things that are important. I would recommend this book to everyone!”
     “Totally engaging…The short review is this – Just read it.

“A wonderful, inspired, original, inspiring story…A cry of joy and terrifying beauty, an extraordinary commentary on the human condition, something that can change the way you see the world and your place in it…

…This book reflects some of the deepest teachings from Tibetan Buddhism; the fearless radical insight of Dorje Drollo, speaker of the Three Terrible Oaths…

…Evokes a direct and total engagement with life, and explains why hyenas laugh. READ IT!!!
Peter Payne

“…The most scathing yet beautiful insights into “civilized” humanity that I have ever seen…This novel made me reconsider my life and make serious, long-term changes that have brought nothing but positive results. That is the sign of a truly powerful book. Reading this novel, you will see the names of fictional characters and places, but you are not reading about them. You are reading about yourself.

My conclusion: must read.” –Steven Gray

“…Somewhere between an anarcho-survivalist manifesto and Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. Perhaps even with a whiff of ‘V for Vendetta’ spliced with Avatar.
Having read it the once I feel the need to read it again straight away…Hard to classify and difficult to describe, but it is a truly engaging work!” –Asclepius

A great story with heavy life lessons sprinkled throughout…Sit down in a nice comfy chair, sip on some whiskey, and read this book.” –Ryan “Tarzan” Hebert

The book will blow your mind…It’s a feast.” Timothy Williams, Urban Primalist

It will change your life…I feel like ordering a couple of dozen copies and giving one to every one I know.” –Paleobird

“Reminded me of one of my favorite novels, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn… A well-written piece of fiction… You’ll eventually start wondering if the gnolls have gotten something right, which makes it
a great book.” –Razorcake Magazine

     “The Gnoll Credo is bowling me over. It has shocked me and moved me and infected my dreams.
     “Your book is astounding…I would love to commend you for your great work- I loved it so much.”
     “I just finished the Credo and was literally floored by it. I have never read such an original, thought provoking story…Bravo.
     “Thank you so much for writing this utterly amazing, mind opening, and fantastically beautiful book.”
     “It’s like someone took my brain and cracked it like an egg onto the blank pages of a soon-to-be book.”
     “It’s a tale that draws you in…I won’t say “much enjoyed”, I will say much savoured.”
     “The mark of a truly great writer and writer’s vision.”
     “You hunt large, dangerous prey with your book and I was completely absorbed into its pages. Thank you for writing it.” forums

     “The book was awesome. I cringed, I laughed, I even shed some tears…I have a feeling I’ll read this over and over again and continue to benefit from it.”
     “I’ve only read TGC once so far, but I bet it will reward further reading…I read about the last half or so in a sitting, well into the night. Thanks, J, for such a great book…”
     “Ahh…best book I have ever read. Great job good sir.”

Humorous, thoughtful, and very entertaining, “The Gnoll Credo” is a choice pick, very highly recommended.” –Midwest Book Review

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