What Is The Gnoll Credo?

We all know this. Written for humans.

  1. We are born and we die. No one cares, no one remembers, and it doesn’t matter.
    This is why we laugh.
  2. Our pack, our children, our territory, the hunt, the kill, the battle. Health, full stomach, sharp weapons, your packmates next to you under the stars, seeing your child kill her first prey. These are important.
  3. Anything else is needless complication, no matter how much fun it is.
  4. If you can’t eat it, wear it, wield it, or carry it, leave it behind.
  5. Plan before hunting, discuss after hunting, hunt while hunting.
  6. Lead, follow, or hunt alone. Success—first meat of kill, greater trust. Failure—less trust. Disaster—survivors eat you.
  7. Expect trust outside the pack to be betrayed.
  8. Two are much stronger than one. Three are much stronger than two. Ten are barely stronger than nine. Fifty are much stronger than ten, but barely stronger than forty.
  9. An archer, a swordsman, and a scout are stronger than three swordsmen.
  10. Stay alive. Hopeless battles are hopeless. Dead is dead.
  11. Stay alive. Once you decide to kill, use all your skill, strength, and deception. Nobly dead is dead.
  12. Die biting the throat.

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